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finding the PSK to set up my blackberry for wireless

hi there...i lost my old blackberry and got a new one, and now i need the psk (pre shared key) in order to have wireless access at home on my phone. last time i called linksys tech support they charged me $30 to give me the IP address where i could find my password, which is totally ridiculous. I tried going to and it would not show up. how do i find my psk?
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Re: finding the PSK to set up my blackberry for wireless

What router are you using?


Point your browser to and login to your router.  The user name  (for most Linksys routers) should be left blank, and the password is "admin"  (with no quotes), unless you changed it.   Some older routers have a user name of "admin".


If you cannot get anything at then perhaps this is not your router's address. In Windows, go to "Start" > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
A black DOS box will appear. Type in "ipconfig" (with no quotes), then hit the Enter key. Look at the "Default Gateway". Is it ? Point your browser to the "Default Gateway", then login to your router.


After you have logged into your router, go to the "Security" tab  (sometimes the "Wireless" tab)  and look for your encryption method  (WEP, WPA, WPA2).  Nearby you will see the "key" or "pre-shared key".  This is what you need to enter into your blackberry.


For WEP, enter WEP "key 1"  (found in the router) into your blackberry, not the WEP password or passphrase.


For WPA or WPA2, enter the "key"  (sometimes called the password or passphrase) into your blackberry.