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hg200 will not work

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when i try to go on to   the set up page will not load i have reset the router still no go ????
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Re: hg200 will not work

Are you trying to open set up page wired or wirelessly?
Connect one computer to the router .... reset the router for 20-30 seconds.... after reset .... try to login ....use admin as username & password....
try this setting & let me know it works or not....
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Re: hg200 will not work

Hi I have a similar problem - I 've been trying to add new MAC adresses to the address list but it won't let me save the changes to the settings. I tried connecting a laptop to the HG200 via an ethernet cable as you suggest, but no dice. In fact I've tried it with 3 laptops with 3 different OS's just in case! Any ideas?