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how to change the name of the router

Hi, I have a really idiotic question: how do I change the name of my router? and how can I put a password so that only my family can use it?
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Re: how to change the name of the router

You configure the router at

For a secure network you must:

- change the default password ("admin") of the router configuration on the Administration tab.

- change the network name/SSID of the wireless network from "linksys" to something unique.

- enable wireless security WPA2 Personal if possible with a strong preshared key.

Only then all wireless transmissions are encrypted and only computers which know the preshared key are able to connect.

There is no benefit changing the name of the router, usually, but you can do that, too, on the web configuration pages.

Make sure to press save settings before changing to a different tab.

Details how to configure everything are in the manual which is on the CD and which you can download from the linksys web site as well.
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Re: how to change the name of the router

Don't forget that you should use a computer that is wired to the router, to set up wireless security.