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how to get into router

I have a Mac laptop and when I go into Safari and write, it googles the address instead of taking me to the router. What am I doing wrong? I need to get into the router to change the password. 

The only thing I notice is that there is a lock icon next to http. Is that supposed to be there, or do I need to unlock it. If so, it does not give me any way of doing it. 

Could you help?

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Re: how to get into router

It is best to check the IP Address on the mac laptop. Click on the Apple icon and click on System Preferences then Network. Once the network screen is up, click on Wireless or Airport on the side panel. Click on Advance on the screen that comes up next and click the TCP/IP tab. You will then see the Configure IPV4 (using DHCP) IP Address. Use the Router number to access the router’s page.