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how to unblock ports on EA2700 firewall

How can I get a manual or otherwise find out how to check what ports are blocked

and how to unblock ports on the firewall of my EA2700 wireless router?

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Re: how to unblock ports on EA2700 firewall

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Well the manual is always on the Linksys web site here.


However I would not use the EA2700 at all:

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Re: how to unblock ports on EA2700 firewall


This router like any other consumer-based regular routers from Linksys can be installed for internet and can be used for special applications behind a modem. What are these special applications that you’d like to access behind the router? It is best right now to test if the ports are opened or closed behind your modem first. You can use website for that. Once verified that the ports are working behind the modem, you then either Port Forwarding or Port Triggering those ports behind the router.  

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Re: how to unblock ports on EA2700 firewall

thank you sabretooth and luce.evening star


I was having problems setting up my new HP printer for wi-fi.  HP thought the router might be blocking the required ports.  I called Linksys to find out how to check.  This is the way Linksys works:

If the product is under warranty, they are supposed to help you.  However, they offer to “help you better” by using remote access.  For this they charge $10 (not bad).  If it is out of warranty, i.e. more than 90 days like mine, they offer to charge you $40.  They don’t offer access to any manuals and suggest that only their skilled technician can help.  Then they offer to sell you a new router, which they explain is much better than the one you have now and will solve all your problems.  They offered me routers from $220 to about $100 and they point out that these come with the warranty tech support.  This is tempting because it isn’t much more than the cost of the technical assistance to make your current router work, which you now know is “inferior”, and it includes more “free” support.  I bought a couple of new devices from Linksys due to this come on.  Incidentally, when you hesitate they generally offer a “special discount”.  If you hesitate more they say this is a “limited time” offer.  However, I’ve discovered that this “limited time” offer has been standard for quite a long time now. 

On this occasion I decided to try to solve the problem myself, hence my question on the forum.  But in the meantime HP got back to me (extremely good support) and with some experimentation we got the printer working.  I didn’t need a new router or even help setting up this one.  Something I couldn’t have guessed from what Linksys support told me.  I saved $100-$220.

Some used car salesman has figured out how to turn Linksys “free support” into a profit center.  It might not be so bad if they were a bit more upfront about the whole angle they are using but as it is it’s a tricky sales scheme.