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hr200 port forwarding problem

I have a problem - when i follow all the 'correct' procedures for setting up port forwarding on this router when i chose to save the settings the port numbers change - to irrelevant things
whatever port i use
often displays start 0
and end 4294967295
also seen it refresh the page on save with 256 start and 255 end, and start 1 end 0.... which are also just nonsense
i really dont understand what i have done wrong or if there is something wrong with my router (it has the latest firmware version as it is quite new) - i have tried with static i.p inside - 149 and also outside that range with the same results???
has anyone come accross this problem?
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Re: hr200 port forwarding problem

Hi… Here the screenshot for the Port Range Forwarding for you router. Login to this router with its IP address (default IP in IE and setup the port forwarding. On the setup page, click on gaming and administration under which you will find port range forwarding..... Also make sure that port range should not be in reverse order like 1 to 0 ... it should be like 0-1 ... You need to assign a static IP address on the computer for which you want to forward the ports. You cannot forward the same port for more than one computer. In that case you can use port triggering. Port Forwarding is used when you host any service from that computer. Port Triggering is used when you access any service on the computers behind the router.