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Guys, please fix your certificate, it's been expired for 3 years, I got this link from one of your FAQ pages, it's just a bit embarrassing.... and maybe use an external CA, someone most of us would know....

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Re: certificate has expired !!!!!


When are you getting this error? Is it when you try to login to your Linksys Smart Wifi account? Another thing, what is the internet browser you are using?


What I can suggest for now is, try using another computer and browser; you may also turn off the computer's firewall or any third party entity because maybe they are blocking it. By the way, what is the model number of the router?

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Re: certificate has expired !!!!!

Hi there, it is NOT a CERTIFICATE problem,


as I wrote here it is a SSL 2.0 problem!


There will be no update Smiley Sad