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internet light should be solid or blinking?

i have a wireless g router with speedbooster, wrt54gs. when i check the bottom of the router. it doesnt have a ver number. so i guess its a ver 1. my firmware is up to date.
for some reason i am not getting a wan ip from my linksys cable modem. i thought that it was my cable connection. but internet and wan ip works fine when i connect my computer directly to the cable modem.
i power cycle and now hard reset my router, but its not getting a wan ip. my isp doesnt require my mac address. also my router was working earlier and its not new. its about a year old, i think.
i wanted to know if maybe my wan port is bad. i also switch a good cable and didnt make a difference, but the light on the router, where it says internet is flashing green. i checked the manuals and it does says it should be lite green, but it doesnt say flashing or solid green.
if someone else has a wrt54gs ver1 or maybe any ver. is your internet light blinking or solid green?
i also know that my wireless connection is fine, because i have the linksys wireless web camera, and it works fine over the network.
but again i am not getting the wan ip in the status section in the router setup. and my internet is fine.
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Re: internet light should be solid or blinking?

Internet light should be blinking(flashing).
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Re: internet light should be solid or blinking?

it is normal for the internet light to be flashing for it indicates connectivity with your ISP.
I do know everything, just not all at once. It's a virtual memory problem.
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Re: internet light should be solid or blinking?

what do you mean virtual memory error?

actually i was still having the problem with my internet connection, but i had removed my wireless router from the network and left the cable modem connection to my computer. but i am still dropping the connection.

i called cox to come out and check it out and the tech says that its my cable modem. i have a linksys cable modem v1. they said that they are seening problems with ver 1 and advise to get something newer than ver1.