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need help with WRT 54G2 V1, 2 desktops XP, 2 laptops XP, DSL, and printer sharing

help! ok here is whats happening, long discription! for years we have had a WRT 54 G V5 used as wireless and also 2 desktops wired with a HP 6200 all in one printer on Bellsouth DSL. And all pc's shared the printer. It was easy to set up back then. It worked without fail all the time. A week ago we could not go on the net. bypassed the router and got on the net. I talked to linksys and they stepped me thru resetting the router and it worked again. at the end of that call they said to download the firmware update for the router. I did that and the router worked ok when done. Only thing is I didnt try to print from any of the pc's until a day later. The host pc prints but the others dont. Now, I dont know if the reset or the firmware update made the print sharing stop. I called linksys back, they say they dont support printer sharing, and that the router seems to work. It does work but I lost the printer share. So, after complaining they said they would replace the router. I sent it back, waiting for replacement. In the interum I bought a new WRT 54 G2. I set it up with the cd and it worked ok, but no print share. I have tried turning on print share 50 times on all the pc's. Tried network wizard many times. Talked to HP about the 6200. Talked to linksys some more. No luck. I am no network genius so I am lost. I am going to try the replacement WRT 54 G when it arrives to see what it does.
Can someone please give me some setup help on a non IP genius level? I know it will work because it worked for several years. Any help would be appreaciated!
thank you