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parental guideance security

does anyone know how to totally block porn sites using linksys routers i have entered all of the info into the router and still when i test it you can still connect to these porn sites i have small kids and iam trying to stop it at the internet level iam aware of the software internet security stuff norton,trend,macafee,etc iam hoping that i can do it from the router i would like to be able to block all porn sites instead of just a few can anyone help out
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Re: parental guideance security

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Your Linksys router is designed for basic home and small business use.  It it not designed to be a web filter.    The hardware used in a good (not great) web filter is about as powerful as your PC.  You cannot expect the same performance from a $100 router.
Rather than trying to use the router to do this job, you should use parental control software installed on the children's computers, such as "Safe Eyes 5.0", which won an Editor's Choice award from PC magazine. 

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