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pin number

my new laptop is asking for pin number: i have a wrtter54g2 v1 router.... can't find pin number

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Re: pin number

Flip the router upside down, on the back (base) of the router you'll find the label for model # and serial #. Below this label there is label for PIN no.
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Re: pin number

If you are unable to locate the PIN on the router, Run the setup disk and it would display the pin for your router.
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Re: pin number

How can you resolve this issue if you no longer have the setup disc for the router.  I am trying to connect my xbox 360 to the internet and it is turning into a huge pain!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: pin number

if there's another option to connect to the network right away or enter your own network/security without entering a pin number, choose that option.

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Re: pin number

@ Carebear,jen, welcome to the linksys forums, please follow the steps below to access/setup the router with-out a disk.


How to access/setup devices to your linksys router with-out the CD? follow the steps below to "Manually Access" your linksys router.

1. Open Internet Explorer and type into the Address Bar at the top of Internet Explorer and press the Enter Key.

2. Once you type in and press the enter key you will get a Linksys pop-up sign-in box.

3. Here are the default sign-in choices:
    A) UserName = Leave this field blank (do not type in anything)
    B) Password = admin
    A) UserName = admin
    B) Password = admin
If the password has been changed by you then please use that, If you forgot the password then you will need to perform a factory reset by holding in the reset button for 30 seconds which is located on back of the router, (you will need a pen or paper clip to hold in the button).
Note: This Factory Reset will erase all previous settings, you will need to configure the router back-up again.

4. Once you have accessed the Linksys Setup page you can now manually set up your devices, Wireless connection/Security and much more.

5. If you are having issues setting up you Xbox 360 you should go here:
(If the link does not work for you, please copy and paste the link into the address bar.)
This site contains different ways to connect the 360 and shows you step by step.

Have a good day and good luck.

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Re: pin number

Where is the PIN Number on a WRT54G wi fi Router?


It is not below the model/serial number as someone eroneously said.





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Re: pin number

My laptop asking me for Pin number that I could not find it on router.My router serial number is CGN91F610963 and model number is WRT54GS ver.6. Thank you

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Re: pin number

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It's asking for a PIN number because you all pressed the WPS button in front. 


Enable Manual rather than Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Go to the setup page and proceed.


Then setup everything manually. Follow this procedure. WPA Personal will do.

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wireless connection

In trying to figure out what my pin# was I somehow messed up my router and now the only way to connect to it is directly with a cable. I can no longer find it under the available wireless networks. Help!