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power led always blinking -WRT54GL

Hi all, first i have to say SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH Smiley Happy

Im posting here because on mi country forum i dont get any responses..


-I get my router 2 months ago, and suddenly, with NO REASON! didnt work anymore, i get the blinking power led light...

-i read all the similar problems here and there, they say its a firmware problem, corrupt or something (ive never touched that, its all default)

-i did the "factory reset", nothing happened, seems that the reset button doesnt work, it makes nothing

-ive tryed to upgrade the firmware because thats de suggestion on the website, but i cant do it either cause my router doesnt response to the ping command, like its dead, no response at all

-is anything i cant do? or i just have to send it back to the store?



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Re: power led always blinking -WRT54GL

Reset the router.

1. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.

2. While holding down the reset unplug the power cord.

3. Reconnet the power still holding down the reset button.

4. Release the reset button.

Now wait for 30 seconds and if the power light still blinks and you are not able to ping the router, then your router is gone defective and needs to be replaced.

Call up tech support and ask for replacement.

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Re: power led always blinking -WRT54GL

There are some possible solutions left but it seems that your router is not in good condition now. Just replace the router so you won't be in trouble of hopefully fixing it with all the other solutions that may or may not work...
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Re: power led always blinking -WRT54GL

Assign a static ip address of on your computer and try to ping to the router address on If you are getting any replies you can update the firmware on the router with tftp.exe utility from the site if it is not working after the upgrade then replacement is the last option . 

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Re: power led always blinking -WRT54GL

Hello, this is my first post here and sorry for my bad engilsh. I have the same problem like xene007 but i got response when i pinging my router. My router model is wrt54g ver 7. I tried to do firmware upgrade with tftp.exe but i got no idea what write in the "serwer" box... I tried but its doesnt work. Have anybody ideas to my problem?
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Re: power led always blinking -WRT54GL

already tried the reset didnt work...



funny is that, i can connect to the net trough the router, but as access point, i mean the cable from the modem to one of the 4 slots of the router (not the internet slot).

i ping my modem and get response, but the router nothing, and conecting directly the router without the modem nothing...


STILL green light flashing...



should i return it back to the store now or is something else to do?


thank you

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Re: power led always blinking -WRT54GL

I had a similar issue with my WRT54G v5. Replacing the power adapter fixed the problem.
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Re: power led always blinking -WRT54GL

the power supply?

but my linksys gets power, the problem is the blinking light and they say thats a firmware problem

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Re: power led always blinking -WRT54GL

Here's what i did and i managed to upgrade it's firmware.


When powered on the router, Local Area Connection was showing "Identifying.." for 1 minute and then turned Unidentified Network (forever). The Router power light kept blinking i couldn't ping at all. Here's what i did:


1. Gave Local Area Connection the static IP and Gateway For Subnet i left it to  Left DNS fields empty.

2. Downloaded TFTP Utility from linksys along with my Router's latest firmware.

3. Using the TFTP Utility i uploaded FW_WRT54GL_4.30.18.006_US_20160108.bin to IP (password admin in TFTP)

4. Imediately after TFTP Utility said firmware was updated successfully i was able to access using admin:admin for login.


Now it's working fine.