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problem with EA3500

i'm having werid  problem recently the Router sometimes the  connection between the Router and devices become dead even its still connected without problem but no responding from the router at ll 

it happend on my galaxy S2 and on my Note 2 and now its just happend on my W8 laptop

when the problem happen i can't ping the router and i can't accses to internet so i have to turn off the Wifi on the device the restrore the connection between the router and the device 


any thought Smiley Sad


BTW i'm running latest Smart Wifi firmware 

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Re: problem with EA3500

FYI the problem happend on 2.4Ghz and on 5Ghz too :/

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Re: problem with EA3500

I suggest you check the wired connectivity to the router by plugging-in your computer if you do not have an existing wired computer. It is possible that the router is intermittent via wired connection, too. If that is the case, you connect your computer directly to the modem to see if the modem has the same problem. In that way, you can isolate if it is a router problem or a problem with your modem from your ISP. If ever the connection directly to the modem is stable then proceed by performing a reset on the router. Reconfigure the router from scratch which means that you do not use backup for your router settings. Set a different wireless channel also on the router. Use 1, 3, 6, 9, or 11 for the 2.4 GHz network. Use as well WPA2 for the wireless security for both bands. As for the 5 GHz, you can have it on Auto and you can even name it differently from the 2.4 GHz network.

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Re: problem with EA3500

Hello guys,


I have the same problems with all my wireless devices (smarthphone and Tablet), except with my notebook. I will reset my router and reset it.

One oddity is that I am using band mixed and mixed WPA2 password.
I think it has nothing to do because the wireless connection, it stays. What is the internet falls to the devices mentioned above.



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Re: problem with EA3500

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i only have satellite receiver that use ethernet other than that all my devices  connected wirelessly 

the modem has no problem at all i set it to bridge mode with DHCP disabled , and i think reset will not fix anything cuz i made hard reset 2 weeks ago , the problem has nothing to do with Wifi channels cuz it happend on 2.4GHz + 5Ghz and i'm using WPA2 only on both networks  , 5Ghz already named differently 



i'm really  regret how i  bought Linksys router  second  time after i bought Linksys Wag160 which was totally **bleep** Smiley Sad


i will rollback to classic firmware and test the **bleep** thing again :/

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Re: problem with EA3500



Try to check on the following:


  • Make sure that the router’s firmware has been upgraded
  • Reset the router after a firmware upgrade
  • Use this tool: to select a good channel that can be assigned to your router
  • Use WPA2-personal for the wireless security
  • Place the router on an elevated area
  • Avoid placing the router on a glass or metallic surface for it will interfere with the router’s wireless connection