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put wrt160n into bridge mode

i have a wrt54g router currently that i use for all my pcs and devices. im going to be getting a wrt160n to use with a pc that has a n wireless card. i want to put the wr160n into bridge mode so i can take advantage of n speeds. how do i do this with the 160n?
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Re: put wrt160n into bridge mode

To connect two router see the link here , follow the link from the point where it says Configuring the Router with LAN-to-LAN Connection...
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Re: put wrt160n into bridge mode

The speed increase you will see is only between computer to computer on your internal LAN connections.  If you where hoping for an increase in your Internet speed, this will not happen.  If you don't need any extended range coverage, might as well replace the 54 with the 160.