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remove devices from my router connection????

So I have 2 question..


1st. How do i check what wireless devices are connected to my routert??


2nd. How do i boot off or remove those wireless devices from my router so that the devices wont connect to my router without a password??


Thanbk you

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Re: remove devices from my router connection????

Open an Internet Explorer browser page on your wired computer(desktop).In the address bar type - and press Enter...Leave Username blank & in Password use admin in lower case...


Click on the Status tab, then click on the subtab 'Local Network' and click on the Radion Button 'DHCP Client Table', this table will give you list of all the wired/wireless devices connected to your Router...


You can Change/Enable Wireless Security here , Wireless devices once connected using the new Wireless Security Key/Passwword will remain connected unless you remove the Network Profile from Preferred Networks under Wireless Network properties.

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Re: remove devices from my router connection????

I don't have a desktop..I have a phone a NOOK and a Kindle..No desktop,its all wireless
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Re: remove devices from my router connection????

What's the model number of your router? Even if you remove a device from the list, it will still reappear once the device reconnects to the network. If you want to restrict a wireless device from connecting to the network, I suggest you do wireless MAC Filtering.

Check these links:
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Re: remove devices from my router connection????

Resallane ... then you will either have to use a browser on your phone or Nook or Kindl to access the router.  For example, if your phone is an iphone, you would use Safari to go to and then follow the directions the other person indicated.


You might want to borrow someone else's laptop for a short time to do the router administration as it may be a little tedious looking at a small browser window on your phone.


As the last poster indicated, you may do MAC filtering of the devices you do not want to get onto your network.


The easiest things is to simply apply Wireless security on your wireless SSID and have the people you want to get on your network ask you for the password.  If the users keep giving out the password, change it once a week.  Failing all that, do the MAC filtering to disallow specific devices from accessing your network.  [every device, be it a laptop/desktop/iphone/nook/xbox etc. has a specific MAC address, which is analagous to a fingerprint for the device].


Good luck.