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router not allowing connection

Ok, my internet has worked perfectly both wired and wireless with my linksys router but it just stopped allowing connection to the internet. I can still see the wireless network on my laptop and still connect to it but there is no internet connection. I had my regular desktop computer connected through ethernet cord and there is no connection. the only way I could get on to ask this question was to plug my modem directly into my computer, so I know its not my internet service. whats wrong? and what do I do about it?
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Re: router not allowing connection

Kindly let me know :
* Your Router's Model Number and Version Number
[ Found on the bottom surface on the Router just below
the Linksys Logo ]
* Name of your Internet Service Provider
* Connectivity Type [ Cable or DSL ]
If you are Online when the Computer is directly plugged
into the Modem,
Check the IPADDRESS :
[ start - in ' start search ' field , type cmd, press return, you get a
DOS Prompt - type ipconfig/all
Check the IP Address for Ethernet LAN Connection ]
Also check whether you find any listing in the DOS Prompt as
PPP Adapter. If so, Check that IP Address too.
That could help us fix the Issues
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Re: router not allowing connection

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Can you still access the routers user interface?  To make sure open your internet browser from a hard wired PC and type in into the address field.  That should bring you to the routers Log on window and by default the user is blank and the password is admin unless you changed it.  If you can not access it check the LED's on the front and make sure they are all green.  Then click on start>run>type in CMD and hit enter and at the prompt type in ping and make sure you have 0% loss.  If that is a NO-GO check your cables and make sure they are good.  If all that does not work then your router may have died on you.
You can also try a hard reset buy pushing /holding the reset button for at least 30 seonds.  However, from the sounds of things your router may be defective.

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