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setting up Linksys router to use in wired mode



Yesterday, I bought a Linksys Broadband G wireless router intended to use in wired mode.  I have a DSL modem.


I followed the instructions in the CD that came with the box and setup the connections. I used a XP laptop. However, the configuration never completed successfully. It would fail in the step where it had to detect internet connectivity.


When I connect my laptop directly to the DSL modem, everything works fine.


So, then, a family member tried the CD from his PC and the configuration worked for him.


A couple of questions:


1) Does the router need to be configured only once from any PC ? Is the setup on the CD apply even if one doesn't intend to use the wireless networking?


2) Any reason why the config didn't detect internet from my laptop?


3) Once, it's configured, should I be able to connect to the internet from another machine?


4) I purchased Linksys after returning the Netgear router I was using in which having one person connected to the router would cause problems for a 2nd person.


Pls advise. I'm new to routers.


Thank you!

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Re: setting up Linksys router to use in wired mode

If you are not going to be using wireless access, it is quite likely that no setup is needed for your Linksys router on any computer. Any reasonable number of computers should be able to connect to the internet thru your Linksys router. Having said that, it would be a good idea from a security perspective to disable an unused wireless connection.


If you are having trouble connecting to the internet with any machine, please note the following and post here:


The IP address, subnet mask and default gateway of the computer having trouble.


Once we have this information, we can move ahead with the next steps.

-- Dan Meyer