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slow internet speed wrt54g

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I have been having problems with my WRT54G linksys router lately. My internet speed has dropped by 50% (both wired and wirelessly) when I use the router.

When I connect directly (modem-pc), I get full speed.
When I connect through through linksys WRT54G, (modem-router-pc) wired, I only get 50% of my internet speed.

Router: WRT54G v3.1
Firmware: v4.21.1

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Re: slow internet speed wrt54g

Change the wireless channel from which the router is transmitting the signal... experiment from ch. 11 - 1 and see if it makes a difference.
Also take note that the max transmittiion rate of the wireless G is at 54 Mbps, where as our standard networks cards can send and recieve data from 10 Mbps to
100 Mbps... and if you have a gigabit network adapter, your speeds can reach beyond 100 Mbps with the right hardware and internet connection speed.
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Re: slow internet speed wrt54g

I have a desktop computer so I don't really need the wireless capabilities yet. All I really want is my internet at 100% speed while using the router.

I already did the channel thing, and I found ch 11 is the best and that is at 50% of the speed.

Still 50%, either wired or wirelessly.
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Re: slow internet speed wrt54g

Try this setting on router:
Mtu - 1300
Beacon Interval -- 75
DTIM -- 2
RTS & fragmentation threshold -- 2306