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want to connect wrt54g to cable modem

I have a wrt54g v5, with firmware 1.02.5.  I want to use my comcast cable modem.  I found the walkthru on doing the mac clone.  I did that, then the power cycling, then upgraded to the firmware version i listed.  Still can't get it to work.  When i go into the status of the router, my IP and subnet are still all zeros.  Help!
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Re: want to connect wrt54g to cable modem

Did you reset the router after upgrading the router? If not reset and reconfigure the router. Also check the connections. If it doesn't work change the MTU on router.

Login to

Leave username and password - admin

You'll find the MTU set to automatic (default)

Change to Manual and set value to 1350 - click on save settings and check for IP address on Status.

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Re: want to connect wrt54g to cable modem

After upgrading you need to reset the router and reconfigure the router.

1. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.
2. Then, unplug the power keep holding down the reset button for
another 30 Seconds.
3. Plug back the power back in, and keep holding down the reset button
for 30 Seconds.
4. Release the reset button.


Reconfiguration for cable modem.

Access the setup page of the router by launching an
Browser and type on the address bar, and press enter. When
it prompts for the username and password, leave the username field
empty and provide password as "admin" (Without quotes)
click on ok.
On the main setup page the ""Internet Connection Type"" should be
on ""Obtain IP Automatically - DHCP “. Click on the Save Settings
Now click on the sub tab ""MAC address clone"".
- Click on enable
Click Clone & click save settings
Check WAN Ip on Status page of router ....
If getting Valid Ip .... try going online
If not ... power cycle for 4-5 minutes & then again check the WAN Ip address .....