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which router is best for me?

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Looking for a wireless router to go into my basement attached to my cable modem.


I won't have a printer or drive connected to it.


I have ethernets going to most rooms in the house..but...they are using 6 wires for ethernet and 2 for phone so I can't do gigabit since that needs all 8 wires.  Of course I have big furniture in front of all the jacks so I can't re-wire them.  Oh well.


I would like it to reach my whole 2000 sq foot house and my front and back yard.  I have an Asus N300 router now that almost does this.


I don't want to spend a whole lot.  I would probably get one from the Cisco refurb store.


Would the EA2700 have as good range as the EA4500?


Do any other non-EA routers provide excellent range?


If there was a website that compared routers and showed their ranges, that would be awesome.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: which router is best for me?

Hi there. You can check this link I found from Cisco's public kb site:


Product comparison among the Linksys EA4500, EA3500 and EA2700 routers

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Re: which router is best for me?



That doesn't really tell me an average range though.


I guess more antennas = longer distance?  Would that be correct to say?


So the EA4500 would have more distance than the EA2700 because it has more antennas?



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Re: which router is best for me?

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Depending on the structure of the house one wireless accesspoint/router may not be sufficient.

5 GHz 802.11a will only span one concrete wall or floor at max.

2.4 GHz 802.11g may span two concrete floors or walls.

You also mention wired connections to all rooms, so maybe the wireless is used for mobile devices (tables, smartphones and so?).

Or some wired connections can be used to install wireless repeaters.

More antennas is no solutions for a larger range.

802.11n makes one believe it will increase the range, which is only partial true.

Antenna location is crucial, but the current Linksys routers all have internal "miro size" antenna's, so there is no option for an external antenna at an ideal location. All you can do is locate the router at the best spot in your house (the basement is usualy not the best location for the wireless range).

Currently the EA4500 is the best you can get from Cisco, soon the EA6500 will be released with high power wireless and

Other vendors still sell devices with external en removable antennas that can be replaced by hi-gain ones.

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Re: which router is best for me?

Hi. I agree with wouterv. You have to consider possible interference also. It depends as well on the wireless adapters you have on your wireless devices. You cannot use external antennas for these type of routers.