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wireless internet w/ WRT54G

OK, I just purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer that come wi-fi ready.  In fact, I used the wireless connection while in a hotel, so I know it in fact works.  I decided I wanted to set up a wireless internet connection for my home for convenience so I went to Office Depot and they gave me the WRT54G and a spare ethernet cable.  When I returned home and installed it to our desktop (HP with Windows ME) I found that despite having it installed perfectly the signal was not being transmitted from the router to the PC (or wirelessly).  When the router is removed, the Internet performs admirably as always (Bellsouth DSL if it matters).  As soon as the router comes back into the system, however, I lose everything.  I get signal from the model to the router it appears; the indicator lights on the router are all illuminated.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: wireless internet w/ WRT54G

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You may try these procedures to get online with your Bellsouth service:
1. Connect the modem to the Internet port
2. Connect the PC to the regular port 1 2 3 or 4
3. Hold the routers reset button for 30 seconds, then unplug the power. Release the reset button then plug it back after 15 seconds.
4. Restart the computer; Make sure no firewalls, or anti virus software are enabled that may limit network connectivity.
5. Access the routers setup page by opening Internet explorer, then type -
6. Once you're prompted with a login, leave the username blank then the password is “admin”
7. On the setup tab, make sure Internet connection type is set to - Automatic Configuration DHCP then change the LAN IP address to then save it.
9.  Power off the modem, the router, and then the computer for 1 minute
10. Power on the modem first, then the router, lastly the computer (make sure the device is stable before you turn on the next)
11. Try to get online afterwards.
You can do this if you do not have to sign on with a username or password while connected on the Modem. If you do, you have to set your Internet connection type to PPPoE then indicate your username and password. After saving, you can check the status tab and see if the Login Status is Connected. You can check if you can access the Internet afterwards. There is also a possible IP conflict between your Westell Modem and Linksys Router so changing the IP address is essential.
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Re: wireless internet w/ WRT54G

I just tried this with my Bellsouth DSL connection having had the exact same problems and it worked for me. I tried to change back to PPPoE with login info and it did not work so I switched it back and I was at it again. Now when my son gets home, we'll see if the wireless connection works with his IBM laptop with built-in adapter.

Thanks for such great info.