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wireless network detected but won't connect...

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Hi all,


I have a fujitsu laptop with installed XP Home SP2 and Wi-Fi ready. Somehow i can't connect to my home wi-fi network, although i can connect to other wifi network (fujitsu service centre's wifi and office wifi, not using Linksys). I have done almost anything but i still can't breakthrough in connections. I need help. I  have change the security from WEP to WPA Personal to No security but still won't connect.


My wireless detected the network, once i connect it ask for network key, then i enter the WPA personal key then it went on "waiting for network". This "waiting for network" status keeps going on and on for nearly 5 minutes after that it dissapear and went back to available wireless network.


I have done both "setup IP address manually and automatically" still won't connect. please help.


The facts:

1. My blackberry can connect to the wifi using wifi protected setup.

2. My cousin's laptop (XP Professional SP2) can connect to this wifi network.

3. The laptop can detect the wireless network (that should show that the router is working)

4. My laptop can connect anywhere else but not my home wi-fi network.

5. Previously i had Vista on my laptop and it wont connect either then i downgrade to XP and still won't connect.

6. I am not an IT tech so i dont know whether the network card inside my laptop is out of service or not.. but if it could detect a wireless network i assume it works.


the questions remains:

1. is it really the XP home SP2 that cause this trouble?

2. Does windows wireless client have trouble identifying WPA Personal security? if so why it still wont connect to WEP and No Security at all?

3. I am running out of questions PLEASE HELP! other wise ill throw out the router and the laptop out and buy me a belkin and a new notebook.


For additional Info: My router is Linksys WRT120N by Cisco. Thanx

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Re: wireless network detected but won't connect...

I just bought the Linksys E3000 router and I too could not get a desktop running XP to connect....what is strange is I could connect the desktop as a "guest".  3 other computers and a smart phone all connected fine.   In my case, my windows wireless software (on the XP) was set up for WEP security, not WPA/WPA2.  I was told to try and get a patch from windows.  I haven't looked into it yet as I don't use that computer much and signing on as a guest isn't a huge inconvenience.


I will use this opportunity to post a problem I am having, and that is I can't get my Xbox to see my PC.  It hooks to the router, but can't see the PC that has the Windows Media Center on it.  Any suggestions folks? 

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Re: wireless network detected but won't connect...

Try changing different channels on the router. Remove all the preferred network from the network list of the computer, Disable wireless network connection and then Enable it. Now try to connect to the wireless network.