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wrt-54G level_15_access

I have been trying to access my router. I get a page to enter user name and password. I had changed some settings yesterday because I forgot the user name and password to access my wireless connection. After I reset to factory settings, I made the new username and password and wrote the
pair down. However, when I tried to have my notebook access the wireless network, I could not. I went to check my router settings when I got a
user name and password prompt which I did not get yesterday. I keep getting the message "The server at level_15_access requires a username and password." I reset the router for the obligatory 10 secs. I saw on my notebook that my network is now unsecure. I tried using the default user name "linksys" and default password "admin". I still got the same prompt and error message. I, then, looked further on this forum and saw someone said to hold the reset button for 3 minutes and power down the router. I did that. I, still, got the same user name/password prompt. However this time it worked. I was able to get in with the default user name and password this third try to get to reset it.
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Re: wrt-54G level_15_access

The private default IP address of the router is is a public IP address and some web server of someone else.