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wrt300N + expander/booster

Can anyone help me? I bought a WRT300N and after installing in my house there were still some areas in the house that doesnt have any signal or low signal. i tried relocating the unit but still the same result only change in areas with weak signal. i was wondering if i can attach a booster or an expander to my network i was informed that with N series you can not use an expander/booster anymore?
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Re: wrt300N + expander/booster

In this case logon to router’s setup page, click on wireless tab…Change Radio band àwide 40MHz, wide channel à 9, standard channel should be 11 and save the settings, go to advanced wireless settings reduce beacon interval to 50, fragmentation and RTS threshold should be 2304 and save the settings, also try upgrading latest firmware on the router…check whether it works or not…