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wrt5462 v1

I got a ipod touch for Christmas and I was wanting to use the internet on it.  But I couldnt remember my password to log onto the router.  SO i reset my router and was going to reset the password that way and now my router wont work at all.  I can hook the cable into my computer from my modem and it works perfect.  But it will not work if I run it through the router.  AT&T is trying to charge me $100 for someone to come fix it.  This has happend once before and someone talked to me through it and it took a whole 10 mins at most.  My computer is still picking up the signal the router is sending out, but the internet is not working to the router.  Thanks..
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Re: wrt5462 v1

As you reset the router,you need to reconfigure the router from scratch...AS your ISP is DSL,try this link to configure the router.