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wrt54g will not connect to internet

I have a wrt54g router that will not recognize my internet connection. I had this problem before and it seemed there was a conflict with ip addresses. I can either get the router or the internet but not both! Help! Can't remember what I did before.
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Re: wrt54g will not connect to internet

Try this bro :
Press the reset button on the router for 30 seconds. The Power light will start flashing. Turn the Router and the Modem OFF. Turn the modem ON first, wait for 10 seconds, turn the router ON, wait for 10 seconds, you should be ONLINE !!!
If it doesnt work. Connect the computer to the modem, go online. Download the firmware and upgrade the firmware.
For information on upgrading the firmware on the linksys routers :

For information on wireless security :

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Re: wrt54g will not connect to internet

Hey try resetting the router reset button in such a way that power
light is blinking on the router & then do a complete network power
cycle i.e., unplug the power cables from the modem & from the router &
then plug in the power cable to the modem first once all the lights are
solid green you could plug in the power cable to the router & reconfigure it & check out it will definately work!!
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Re: wrt54g will not connect to internet

It does work, and it is a lot of work with 5 computers. I have done this reset several times, but when I use the access restrictions for one of the computers I have a problem of Internet Connectivity. All of the other computers work fine. The computer I am having a problem with is an XP Service pack 3. I restrict the access from 10 PM to 7 AM using the MAC address. Before the access restriction is enforced (after the hard reset) the computer accesses the Internet fine. After the restriction is enforced and released the computer cannot connect to the Internet. I have had this computer and Router installed for a couple of years with out any trouble. It started behaving like this within the last week. I changed my router to another WRT54Gv2.0 that I had, like new. It is doing the same thing. My ISP is Comcast. My wireless connectivity for this computer is a Netgear USB 2.0 WG111v2. I have gone through the limited troubleshooting guides and technical support with out any luck. The Routers almost act like they are not resetting for the access restrictions. I have even deleted the rules, but still need to do the complete power up in order to get the XP computer back on line.