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wrt54gR - slow internet

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Hi guys,
My wrt54gr is extremely slow accesing the internet. I have a cable modem connected to the router, 3 pc wired and one to two laptops connecting wirelessly. I can access the internet but it is very slow compare to my old dlink di-524 router. For example, if i go on and make a test, the wrt54gr will give me around 200kb/s when my dlink router gave me 3.5mb/s. It feels like going back to a 56k modem. Just to say that file access/transfer over the network is fast.
This is what i tried:
-several power cycle
-changing the mtu from 1500 to 1300 in downsteps of 8
-connecting only one computer to the router using different ports
-cloning mac, not cloning mac
- changing the speed of my nic to 10 half duplex (helped a little but not much)
-flashing the firmware (only one version exist and it is the one that shipped with the router, it's dated november 2005!)
Any ideas to speed it up?

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Re: wrt54gR - slow internet

well you can give this one last shot by adjusting the MTU of the NIC itself.... nice utility and simple to use Smiley Happy
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Re: wrt54gR - slow internet

By the way, is this slow wired? or slow wireless?
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Re: wrt54gR - slow internet

It's slow with both connections
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Re: wrt54gR - slow internet

I have this same problem and just discovered my incredibly slow download and upload speeds are due to the router.  My download speed with the router is 300kbps and when I bypass it, it clocks in at 6125kbps!  Upload speed is also affected.  Any other suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.
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Re: wrt54gR - slow internet

I come to the same conclusion. The last time i talked with a linksys technician on the chat, she told me to return it. The fact is I know the router is not broken. I think there's a flaw in the firmware because there's no reason this is only happening with this router model since all the wrt's must be built onto the same architecture. (Tell me if i'm wrong, but i never saw this happening on other routers). And if I return it on warranty, they will give me another one and i'm going to have the same problem again. So for now, i'm still running with my old dlink router because I can't stand how slow the Internet is with this one, even if i get better range and a faster network with the wrt.
It's just weird that the router is slowing down the internet that much.
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Re: wrt54gR - slow internet

i know why you're experiencing a slow connection.. wrt54gr has a built-in range expander and this feature can boost up your signal but it will lower also the speed of the packets i suggest to turn off the expander feature so that so can enjoy a fast internet
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Re: wrt54gR - slow internet

well, i would suggest you to do this... after you upgrade the firmware of your wrt54gr to fw version 1.01, reset the router for 10 sec. but before upgrading the firmware, back-up the config first, then restore after reset.
the reason why you should back-up the configuration of the router prior to upgrading the firmware is to prevent losing the already working configuration after upgrading the firmware due to corruptions
STEPS to be taken:
1. click on the administration tab, under the management subtab, click on the back-up config button. then save it.
2. after backing up the configuration of the router, proceed with upgrading the firmware on the same main TAB (administration)
3. after doing that, you can now reset the router for 10 sec. there are two ways of resetting the router. via software or hardware
 >software,reset: done under the factory defaults subtab under the ADMINISTRATION TAB
 >hardware reset, done by pushing the the reset button at the back of the router for 10 sec.
4. after resetting the router, powercycle the router, log-in to the user interface of the router (in the browser adress bar, type in def. IP ad: thenm type in def. p/w: admin
5: after logging in, go back to administration tab. click on restore config button found under managerment subtab. open the file you backed up prior to upgrade, then hit restore
6: this should work already
If it doesnt, then you can disable the frame burst of the wireless router so that the router will send off wireless signal slowly thereby making the packets be even with ethernet connections. by disabling the frame burst mode of the wrt54gr, you'll make the wrt54gr send slow wireless signal but stable. you can also try lowering the beacon interval to 50, fragmentation threshold to 2304, RTS to 2304, and also lowering the MTU: 1300
>frame burst mode: disabled
>beacon interval: 50
>fragmentation threshold : 2304
>RTS threshold : 2304
>MTU: 1300

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Re: wrt54gR - slow internet

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Thank you Oracle and 14Firewall, i'll try this as soon as i can.

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Re: wrt54gR - slow internet

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I sell these things. Got 6 in 3 days ago. The first two behaved exactly as described here.
Downloading through the WRT54GR was about 10% as fast as through the old WRT54g (Blue box), or directly without a router. There is only one firmware available. I tried changing all the settings mentioned here, nothing helped.

Any suggestions?

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you guys keep editing out my bitching about Linksys tech support.

FYI, I'm on the phone now, for the last hour, talking to the 4th person.


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One hour and 45 minutes on the phone. Talked to 4 (four) people. Two claimed that, "well the product is working, isn't it?" when I was able to ping after 15 resets, etc. It was pinging all right, but instead of 23ms (like I get thru the WRT54g) it was 150ms.

Anyway, they said it'll take a 30 minute hold-time to talk to "2nd level". I said bring it on, I have speakerphone.

Finally they agreed that if I shipped it back to Toronto at my expense, they'll send me a refurbished one.

All together it cost me about 5 hours of productivity, in other words way more than the price of the router.

I was always curious about the guts of these things, so instead of shipping it back East, I took the screwdriver and pryed it apart. The breaking of the plastic calmed my nerves.

Thank you Linksys for the A1 tech support!

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Forgot to mention: if you call tech support, they'll insist that you don't have the latest firmware; website says 1.0.1, router sayz 1.01. They're the same, it's a typo on the website.

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I tried a few 3rd party firmwares, but none works with the WRT54GR.

I guess we'll just keep waiting til somebody at comes up with something.

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