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wrt610N and streaming media to a 360



I am having no luck getting my 610n to stream using the built in media server feature.  My 360 is wired directly to the back of the 610n and is on the same subnet.  I setup a pc with a upnp server on it and the xbox was able to see that and connect to it.  Laptop is also on the same subnet.


I have a 200gb drive  plugged in formatted in NTFS with a single share called Data.  within this data share I have folders for Video, Music and Photos, these folders are shared in the media server.


Any ideas how I should be troubleshooting this issue? any help is appreciated, this is becomming increasingly frustrating.





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Re: wrt610N and streaming media to a 360

Please try to upgrade/reflash the firmware of the router .
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Re: wrt610N and streaming media to a 360

Did you ever get this to work? I formatted my drive fat32 and it worked for a while. I keep getting the url for twonkyvision on my 360 saying that my trial has expired (I've never downloaded it). I'm not sure what's happening yet. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it.

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Re: wrt610N and streaming media to a 360

Let me share my experience might help.


I have my 610n streamming to the 360 really nice. First, turn on the media server and name it as you want, then specify the folders inside the hard drive you want to be shared (you can use the same name of the folder where you can have your music, videos, etc.). You have to this for each folder you want to stream. After you set the folder to stream, hit on Scan option so it will make it available all it content.


Now, test on a pc or laptop with windows media player and try to get a file from your media server. If you want to valide that the media server its on, open then network menu on your Vista or XP and check if the media server appears, if so, double click on it.


Maybe you already done this before and no luck. Well you have to do one more thing, unplug the power of your router and leave it that way 2 minutes, then plug it again and check if the media server is available and find the content. If this works, go to your xbox start it up, go to music, and define the location, it should appear by itself. If not, go to your system configuration and try to find the media server on the network option, your pc or laptop should appear as well.


I have the xbox by ethernet using power adaptors on another room and two laptops, one from my office and my own, it works neath, and it doesn't matter if the computers are not in the same workgroup.


I hope this can help, I'm going to post a problem with the FTP Server, so please if you know something on how to make it work I will be glad to read.