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How do I make my network secure?
Hi all, I am a complete "newbie" at this so please pardon my ignorance. I have been using a Dell desktop for many years now as my primary computer. Recently I received a brand new Sony VAIO laptop. So as to make the laptop connect to the internet wirelessly, I hooked up a Linksys router (Linksys model # BEFSR41) and a Linksys access point (Linksys model # WAP200). Everything is working flawlessly except for one big problem. My network is listed as "unsecure". What steps do I have to take to make my network "secure"? The operating software in the laptop is Windows Vista. If someone could give me step by step directions on how to make my network secure, I would sincerely appreciate it. Let me just mention that the laptop and desktop are home computers and are both primarily used for "fun and leisure". No business "stuff". Thanks!
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