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Getting your wireless router to work with the mini computers and their small monitors

I have one on the new Dell Mini computers.  I purchased the Wireless-G Broadband Router model #WRT54G2 and had the most difficult time getting Network Magic installed on the Mini because the monitor was too small for the required resolution (1024x768) - this was trying to install via the CD that came with the router.

The solution to this problem:

1)  Use the CD to install the Router and Network Magic on your desktop (or wherever you are hardwired to the internet).

2)  Open Network Magic; go to "Status" and download the newest version of Network Magic to your desktop.

3)  DO NOT use the CD to install Network Magic on the Mini.  Instead - Unplug your hardwire connection from your desktop and connect it to your Mini.  Go to "" and install the newest version of Network Magic on your Mini. 

4)  Replug your hardwire connection into your desktop.

5)  You can now use Network Magic from your desktop to add the mini to the network.  Go to "Tasks" and then "Add a device."  You will be able to follow the directions at this point.

The only other issue I found was naming the network.  I had to name the desktop and the mini the same name otherwise it wouldn't connect.

Good Luck and hopefully it won't take you the three days it took me to figure this out.


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