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Bridge mode

Got a linksys ea9300 v1 and linksys ea9500 v2. I want to bridge them together to extend wireless range/cover, the ea9500 will be the main one connected to the modem and the ea9300 will be the access point.
Since these 2 routers dont support wireless bridge, but does support wired bridge, I wanted to bridge them by powerline adapters. I dont wanna run a super long ethernet cable to bridge them.
Im wondering if this is possible to make it work since the powerline adapters are basically extending ethernet cables?, and I just have to set the ea9300 in wired bridge mode or both routers in wired bridge mode?
Wasnt sure if this would work, so Im asking before I buy the powerline adapters.
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Re: Bridge mode

Hi, mr_g. Yes, it's possible. You just have to set the EA9300 to bridge mode. Let us know should you need further assistance in setting it up.

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Re: Bridge mode