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Hard wired wifi booster

Admin please move this if I'm off target, but I'm not so good on my lingo here.


I have a Linksys RE6500 which I brought on the recomendation of a very tech savvy friend but who doesn't always pay attention.


I have run an ethernet cable from a building with strong wifi into a neighboring building. I have been using this cabled connection for some fixed devices but I also wanted a router or booster or wired access point so that I could connect phones etc via wifi to the ethernet port in this building. My friend reccomended the RE6500 for this job but as far as I can tell, it will only repeat a wifi signal and will not accept an ethernet cable and then create a wifi signal from that.


Is there a workaround here? If not, can somebody tell me the type of product I need and if there is a particular model anyone would recomend.


Thanks guys!

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Re: Hard wired wifi booster

You need to update the firmware then the RE6500 can be configured as a AP.

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Re: Hard wired wifi booster

chad is correct. 2 firmwares ago (3 if you count beta) activated the ability to run a wire to act as a hardwired wifiap, however im am reading if you do this your ports on the re6500 will not work, only wireless functionality