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LAPAC1750Pro --> access control question

Hello all,


Today I have been trying to add a few ACL rules to my wireless network. I am using a LAPAC1750Pro.

The purpose is to allow wireless access to my network, but prevent access to a few devices with specific IPs.
Unfortunately I have been unable to achieve my target succesfully.


I have tried quite a few sets of rules, including:
adding a rule (1) which denies protocol "IP" to and from the device, identified by IP.
then adding a rule (2) which permits all traffic.

What happens here is that access to the device is still possible.

Applying these rules vice versa has the same effect.

Applying only rule (1) has the effect of blocking all traffic, which is understandable due to the "implicit" deny all rule which is added to all lists according to the manual. Notheless this attempt shows that the rules I entered are in effect.


Does someone have an example or insights into how I can achieve this? Thank you very much in advance for your time.





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Re: LAPAC1750Pro --> access control question

Hi, Kal1. Allow us to have your case checked out by our Support Team. Please send us an email at Also, please include providing us your full name, phone number, location (state & country), community username and the link to this post as reference.

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Re: LAPAC1750Pro --> access control question

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I believe the problem is that in your deny rule, you don't want to match the protocol at all. Leave the protocol check box unchecked. Then deny the source or destination by IP address, making sure you check the source or destination check box (whichever you want to deny by).


Also, you don't want to deny both the source and destination IP addresses of the target. If you did that, it would mean denying packets coming and going to the target machine, which isn't what you want.


You really just want to make a deny rule based on the destination IP address being your target machine.