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Re: LAPAC2600 Will Not Upgrade Firmware

Hi, Everyone!


Same Thing Here !


One out of our 4 LAPAC 2600 does not upgrade firmware ->

[tried with cluster - without cluster, upgrade through master, direct upgrade from PC, upgrade from internet,

downgrade of cluster to then reupgrade..., reset to factory default from web interface, from reset button...]


The "faulty" LAPAC reboots, shows green light after "upgrade" but stays in

(for information : clustering with different versions of firmware 1.0.01 & 1.0.04 seems possible)


@ : Thanks for replying to this thread, I will send a message to

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Re: LAPAC2600 Will Not Upgrade Firmware

won't go beyond the curse of ""firmware, anyone had it fixed? can you share the steps/solution?

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Re: LAPAC2600 Will Not Upgrade Firmware

I tried the following before ultimately having the AP replaced by Linksys:


  • Tried installing firmware update from web and also downloaded firmware and tried installing from local computer
  • Took faulty AP out of cluster mode and tried updating
  • Tried updating firmware both wirelessly and directly wired from PC to AP via Ethernet
  • Performed factory reset and tried updating firmware

I think Linksys will want you to try most (if not all) of these steps before authorizing a warranty replacement.  They did ship me a replacement AP very quickly, and the new device allowed me to install the latest firmware without any difficulties.  Be sure to backup your AP configuration before doing a reset or replacing the device, so that you can do a quick config restore and avoid the trouble on setting everything up manually again.


Linksys will offer two ways of receiving replacement.  You will either have to send in your defective AP, then they will send you a replacement, or they can ship you a replacement immediately, and you just have to send back your faulty AP within 30 days.  That second method will require a $500 temporary hold on a major credit card.  Also be advised that Linksys will cover shipping the new device to you, but you will be required to pay the shipping costs to send your defective device to them.  

I'm sorry you are having this same problem with you LAPAC2600.  There seem to be several folks ou there having this same problem, so I assume this must be a known issue to Linksys by now.  Good luck, and I hope you get this resolved soon and without much more frustration.


~ Marty