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RE6700 unable to connect to router


I have a linksys RE6700 which I use to connect to a Verison FiOS router. Everything had been working for several weeks, but today the router was unable to establish a connection to the router. What seems to be happening is the RE6700 does a DHCP request, gets the offer and lease, then about 10 seconds later the connection bounces and the RE6700 makes the DHCP request again.


This has happened before (about a month ago); when I had checked the RE6700 was running the latest firmware, the Verison router's 5Ghz channel is set to 36, I had also disabled 5Ghz on the RE6700 for both bridge and client (IIRC, cant check as I cant connect).


The signal strengh of the router seems to be OK; my laptop shows a signal strengh of -59db at the location where the RE6700 was plugged in. How can I proceed to get the extender working again?


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