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Support Contact & LAPAC1200 AP's

Does anyone have the number for there network engineers its our firts time with lynksys and i have to wait 24028 hours for a call beck!


We are looking to use the LAPAC1200 AP's anyone got any good or bad comments about these units.






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Re: Support Contact & LAPAC1200 AP's

I first purchased a LAPAC1750 and then I purchased a LAPAC1200.  I have nothing but good things to say about both of them.  I do not get any faster connection speeds out of the 1750 than I do the 1200.


I only learned after I purchased both that the only way to cluster multiple APs to manage from one screen is if the models are the same.  Therefore I cannot cluster my 1750 and 1200 together.  Not a huge deal but it would have been nice.  If you stick with all 1200s you will be able to use that feature and the more access points you have the nicer the cluster feature would be.


On a side note, I first set these APS up on a new Asus RT-AC88U router and had excellent coverage and speed everywhere in my house.  Today after 3 months my AC router died.  I pulled my old Cisco N router out of the closet and got my network back up.  What really suprised me was that I get the same speeds using the old Cisco N router as I did with the Asus AC router.  This I don't understand.


I may have wasted my money, but I ordered a new Linksys EA9300 today.  I will hook itg up and see if anything improves and try to get my Asus replaced or repaired and have another spare.  You will be happy with your 1200s.

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Re: Support Contact & LAPAC1200 AP's

Allow us to check on this if you still have the devices with you, oldrock. To clarify, are you connected to the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network? Also, have you tried changing the wireless channel and update its firmware?


Also, here's an overview of the cluster feature that you might want to check out.

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Re: Support Contact & LAPAC1200 AP's

I disabled the radio on the 2.4Ghz so I would never connect to it due to the lesser speed.  So I only connect to 5 GHz.  I have the latest firmware installed on the APs and the router. 


I received my Linksys EA9300 and have it connected now with the same speeds as when using both the Asus AC and the Cisco N router.  I see absolutely no difference in the wireless speeds between any of the routers using these 2 Linksys AC access points.. 


I do not see any where in the software where it allows me to select a channel.  I was able to do that when I used the lod G APs, but it is automatic with no changing the channel (it tells me the channel but won't allow me to change it) on either the LAPAC1750 or the LAPAC1200.

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Re: Support Contact & LAPAC1200 AP's

To change the radio channel:


Configuration => Wireless => Basic Settings => Wireless Channel

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