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Unable to configure RE7000 as an access point

I have several old wireless routers configured as access points. I just got an RE7000 to test replacing them (and hopefully getting a stronger signal as well as 5ghz band).  I've configured Re7000 as an extender but when I try to configure as an AC (either thru the change option on setup screen or in initial setup after a reset), the light remains a blinking amber "forever" and the device is not recognized.  Router is a Greenwave FIOS-GT-1100-FT which serves as a cable modem connected to a Verizon -- now Frontier -- FIOS network (if it weren't for that, it would probably be Linksys -- but that's another story). Any thoughts on how to make this thing work?

P.S. One other thing which may be relevant. If I configure for extender I can only configure 2.4 using WPS.  If (as manual suggests) I try to configure the 5.ghz using WPS, I get the same kind of thing -- hangs for ever with a blinking amber.


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Re: Unable to configure RE7000 as an access point

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On behalf of your concern, you might want to follow the troubleshooting steps:


- Please reset reconfigure your RE7000 as a Access Point:


You are going to be able to extend both bands 2.4 Ghz & 5Ghz.


-  Update to latest firmware:





Since the RE would extend your Greenwave wireless network you might want to probably change the security type to WPA2 Personal and add an 8-12 password characters just to isolate security issues with the RE and the Greenwave before setting up the RE7000 with your wireless network.