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WAP54G ver 3.1



I've got a WAP54G ver 3.1,  It was working fine and one morning, it just stopped!.


The power light and link light are on all the time, but aren't ever blinking. 

The orange cisco light goes on after a while. 

Cant' ping it or even detect it...


What should I do? 

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Re: WAP54G ver 3.1

Connect the computer to WAP54G with the Ethernet cable.

Press and hold the reset button on the WAP for 30 seconds. Release the reset button and wait for 30 seconds. Power cycle the WAP54G.

Open network connections on your computer. Right click on Local area connection and go to properties. Select internet protocol V4 TCP/IP and click on Properties. Select ' Use the following IP address'. Change the IP address to, subnet mask to and default gateway to Click OK.

Open Internet browser and in the address bar type the number It will open the setup page of WAP54G. Log in to the setup page. The default password of WAP54G is admin.

Change the settings o WAP manually.


Once you are done with the settings, Change the IP address on your computer to Automatic.

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Re: WAP54G ver 3.1

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Re: WAP54G ver 3.1

If after resetting it as helm detailed and if it still doesn't work, I would say it is time for the trash bin. I used to use these APs in a business I did the IT support for and have setup a ton of them. I did have a very high failure rate. It seemed they dropped like flies there for a while and they have been discontinued years ago.

Upgrade to AC and you will see the speed you have been missing.

I have a working WAP54G here that I have used at home for years that still worked fine when I disconnected it and upgraded if you want it.