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Wireless MIB for WLANS snmp managment

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Hi to all !!!


Im trying to manage wireless settings and wlans  I have configured in my Access Points via snmp . ( change parametes , enable disable , etc , ... )


I could not find where are the oid required for.... Please can anyone help me with any particular MIB??


this is what I find out threw now...


iso. = STRING: "Linksys LAPN600, Version V1.1.01.000"

iso. = OID: iso.

iso. = Timeticks: (214556) 0:35:45.56



search for that particular : iso.


MD5 -A routerrouter Unknown Object Identifier ()


its empty


enterprises MIBs that I find out threw a snmpwealk are :





in there I can find my wireless and wlans settings


this are my AP information:


Device SKU: LAPN600
Firmware Version: V1.1.01.000
Hardware Version: V01


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Re: Wireless MIB for WLANS snmp managment

Hi, guigoudtThe only AP model that has available MIB is the LAPAC1750Pro. However, allow us to verify this query to our engineering team and get back to you if we have confirmation. Thank you.

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Re: Wireless MIB for WLANS snmp managment

Hi Nestor_C 21974, 


thank you for the verification. 


It could be great to have this feature of wlans snmp management in every model of linsys ap products.


waiting for answer,


kind regards!