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router communication

hooked up both my routers in bridge lan to wan mode. main router is connected to isp on and the 2nd router is on
From 2nd router I can ping my lan ip address, default gateway, main router default gateway, and pc on the lan. From main router I can only ping my lan and default gatway, I cant seem to ping the at all.
I have configured both routers with static routing. Main router and 2nd router to main router and 2nd router has static ip addresses and dhcp enabled. I configured the normal things like hostname, wireless settings ssid/wpa2, router password, etc. Everything else is in default configuration.
If I can ping to both networks on 2nd router and main router to its lan only, is it my firewall in windows 7 or I need to configure something else in main or 2nd router?
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Re: router communication

Main router is a linksys ea9300 and 2nd router is a linksys ea4500 for now.
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Re: router communication

Hi, mr_g. The static route configuration is incorrect, that's why devices from router 1 can't ping devices on router 2. You only have to configure a static route on router 1. Gateway IP must be the WAN IP obtain on router 2 from router 1.

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