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Linksys LRT 224 Firewalls rules > Content Filter >

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    Hi Linksys and Community , 


             Is it possible to seperate blocked domains/sites on seperate vlans , for ex. 

vlan 1 /24


Filtered sites/domains


facebook is inaccessible

yt accessble /24

vlan 2 

filtered sites/domains


facebook is accessible.

yt inaccessble

          thanks in advance. 



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Re: Linksys LRT 224 Firewalls rules > Content Filter >

Hi, mjl_gatioan. The device supports two Web page restriction modes: one blocks certain forbidden domains; the other gives access to certain Web pages. Only one of these two modes can be selected. 


Content filter settings will only work on native VLAN, it is not possible to blocked domains/sites on separate VLANs.

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