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Linksys SPA3000 Setup


Ive purchased a Linksys SPA3000 second hand. I have NBN in Australia (VDSL) and that means no PSTN any longer.

I intend to use Voip instread of PSTN.


I have plugged the SPA3000 in however the status line just flashes green. 

I have the Phone line from the SPA3000 to the phone and the ethernet to the router.

I have tried picking up the phone and dialing **** to get it set up however nothing happens. Its just silence.

I am not really familar with these products and this may be silly but any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Linksys SPA3000 Setup

Hi ad52528844,


We like to let you know that Cisco documentation might be able to help you.


This will require a few configuration on the device especially if its meant to be a Gateway to PSTN.


1. Setup a functioning SIP server (local phone numbers that will use the SPA3000)

2. Register the SPA3000 on to your SIP server by accessing the setup web page of the SPA3000 and putting the SIP IP server and SIP number ext

3. Setup the dial plan on what to dial to go out to the PSTN gateway (default usually is 9)


These are some basic configuration to make it work.  You can ask further help from Cisco Smiley Happy