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Static Route on LRT 214



I have problems with a static route on my LRT214.

My configuration looks like this:

- FritzBox as Internet Router from the Provider

- Linksys LRT214 behind the FritzBox in Gateway Mode with the local Network.

   --> When I change the mode from Gateway to Router, then there is no Internet connection possible, however - with Gateway-Mode it works.


In the local LAN there ist a Client which is connected to a VPN-Network.

Now, when I configure a static route to the VPN-Network with the Gateway-Adress from the local VPN-Client, the traffic doesnt route to this Gateway.-Adress.

Why not?


Can anybody help me?





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Re: Static Route on LRT 214

Hi Joe19,


When you changed the Linksys router to gateway mode, you are telling it to stop doing the NAT translation too.  This means that the packets can traverse going out to the WAN port but will not have any means to go back since the network not known on the FritzBox as a network.  


To understand further really what you wanted to do, please let us know a certain diagram and IP addresses you have on the network.  In this way we can point out the static routes you need to setup on the Fritzbox, to throw back the 192.168.1.x network back to Linksys router.  Also, if you put the LRT214 to router mode, VPN connection may change on how it behaves or it may not work at all since it requires routes to be clear that it is not used on your Fritzbox.