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Add "Expert Mode" Option

I understand the benefits of a simplified interface to serve the masses, but please add an "expert mode" option that reveals more "under the hood" info and options. I'm aware of the web interface but it's still extremely limited. For example:

Provide info on which node is serving which clients
Allow moving clients to other nodes for "stubborn" clients
See/change channel assignments
See connectivity link speeds, frequency/channel, and signal strength of said connections including between nodes
Traffic stats
More detailed system logs
More advanced port forwarding and firewall options
More granular device priority options, remove 3 device cap, and set internet speed so bandwidth assignments can be made
Allow the integrated Bluetooth to be used for internet connectivity as this is natively supported by windows, Android and iOS
Add balance mode options, i.e. balance by signal strength,balance by # of connections, or hybrid balancing
Alerts/warnings of a saturated node, I.e. 2.4ghz spectrum exceeds 80% utilization for greater than x minutes.
Ipv6 support
Ability to serve DHCP subnet larger than 24 bits
Port link speeds and stats
Built in trace/pcap functionality
Ability to change ntp provider
Ability to see/change port vlan assignments
More Amazon echo support, i.e. "reboot velop", "provide velop node status", "run velop channel finder" or "activate velop wps pairing"

Again I understand the market value of keeping it simple and easy to use, but velop has a ton of horsepower under the hood that is untapped that some of us would like to take advantage of.

In fairness, unless I'm mistaken it seems all mesh providers have taken the. "easy button" approach, so this is not unique to velop. However being the first to offer this could give velop market favor to those who are on the fence and tech savvy, and justify the added cost over competitors.