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Channel Finder

About once or twice a week my wifi gets very slow. If I run channel finder once or twice it resolves the issue. I have three nodes, two are wired backhauled and one is wireless. It is always the main node and wireless node that gets the channels adjusted. Some of your competitors systems automatically optimize the channels. Wouldn't it be an improvement to regularly check and make adjustments to the channels so that I don't have to do it myself so often?


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Re: Channel Finder

I completely agree.  I have a 4 node system and have the exact same problem which drives me nuts.  When I try to report via App, I can't because I don't have the connecticity.  My wife wants this removed and go back to the older one ;-(  As a poor man's solution, if a repeated events can be scheduled for automatically changing channel, it will be a good start.  Better solution is to self detect and self correct w/ option to limit when it is allowed to do this based on time of day/week.

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Re: Channel Finder

I have the same problem and searching around on the forums it's very common.