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DHCP Reservations

This is in the way of feedback.. 


I setup my 2 node Velop network with a struggle, because the web dashboard is different than the app dashboard.. different look, feel, features & capabilities.  So I had to struggle going back and forth to see and do everything.  Strange.   


SO, I got it all setup with dhcp reservations and port forwarding and such.   For personal reaons I had previously setup up computer A with a dedicated reserved IP address through DHCP Reseravtions.  Worked great.  


Then .. I went and put in a new network card in computer A.  I noticed that the new network card had a different MAC address and thus was being assigned a completely different IP address.   SO ... I went into DHCP reservations using the Web Dashboard and changed the MAC address for Computer A and saved it   Thought this would automatically start to give Computer A the address I wanted it to have... but NO JOY.  I spent 30 minutes online with tech support and NO JOY.  There just was no way in the Velop Router Admin configuration to have a specific IP address assigned to A.  I had to change a number of other settings as a work aroiund.   Not a happy user.  Currently looking at other routers. 

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Re: DHCP Reservations

Hello, jqturner. We were able to review your case. We've endorsed your case to our Escalation Engineers so they can check on this with you. They'll be in touch with you within 24-48 business hours.

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