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Device List Refresh

I would like to suggest an update to the functionality of the Devices tab. It is great that I can see the devices and which node they are connected to, but it would be nice if the refresh would actually...Refresh.

When pulling down, the arrow shows and then it does the circle dance, but nothing changes. I've tried with all of my devices by turning WiFi off. They still appear in the list until I close and reopen the app (a full quit and reload). Although this is not preventing me from using the Velop system, it is mighty time consuming while I am trying to configure and/or troubleshoot issues, like the one I had this week where the Velop system was not linked to my account any longer, but WiFi was still working. Had to restart all nodes and devices to get them to connect and checking 1 by 1 was not easy when I was restarting the app between each try.