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Re: Linksys Smart Wifi Configuration

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that doesn't make sense to me.  The 9500 is way more capable as a front end than is the Velop system.


To work properly, you have to turn the brigde mode function ON in the Velop settings.  I am assuming you already tried this - so the bandwidth reduction doesn't make much sense.  What it sounds more like is channel competition.  I didn't see reductions like that but did experience drop outs.  The remedy was to stop using the wireless radios in the 9500.  The Velop mesh is designed in such a way that you really don't want any nearby, competing radios getting into the channel balance.  That said, IP configuration control as well as a whole host of other geeky parameters are way better managed in a device like the 9500.


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  It doeesn't make sense to me either but that's reality. I've used a network analyser to ensure there is no channel contention.  I agree right now the EA9500 is more capable from both a hardware and a software standpoint but it doesn't work well as the main router with the Velop mesh.





   I tried the exact configuration you suggest. I also got multiple, recurring dropouts. Using the Velop as the router fixed that problem. I agree the EA9500 is more capable BUT the Velop configuration didn't work well using that as the router. It's a shame.





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Re: Linksys Smart Wifi Configuration

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Well then, since anecdotal evidence seems to be ruling the day. I suppose I'll chime in for good measure...


Ever since putting my Velop 3-pack into bridge mode off of a EA9500, my area wide connection behavior has been rock solid for months.  No resets required.  Coverage has been solid throughout every corner of my home no matter if we are talking about 2.4 or 5 GHz connected devices. No connection drops and no apparent speed reductions. And with the radios turned off on the EA9500, the Velop's automatic channel assignment repeatedly spreads the network bands in a consistently adjacent proximity arrangement...with little to no overlap.


Bridge mode FTW !

Everything working as it should...