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Nope, not Linksys!

I am done with Linksys systems after my horrendous Velop experience.  The third node of a three node system not connect correctly after a move from wireless to wired backchannel.  I called support and was told a Velop specialist would have to call me back in 3 to 8 minuites.  I asked they call my cell phone rather than my home phone.  They called the home phone and left a message 20 minuites later.  I called back in the morning and spent an hour and 10 minuites resetting and reconfiguring the problematic child node and setting up as a parent node only to discover that the plan was to reconfigure all three nodes an hour into the call.  When the second child node would not connect to the new parent node, I was done.  The Support Tech was very nive and patient, but the Velop software system leaves a LOT to be desired. It is WAY to simplistic, and the hidden 'features' are insulting to intellegence.  'Save consumers from themselves' seems to be the mantra of home networking companies.The phone app is a horrible idea to be the main management.  I webinterface is preferred (hell, I'd take a command line if I could actually get things done faster)  Waiting for the phone app and node to communicate was painfully long, and resets and boots of the nodes are worse.  I'll be headed to Netgear or professional gear to get my home network working.