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Utility of Phone App

I have had very limited success using the linksys phone app. Since it is essential to use the phone app during VELOP setup, the application should be rock solid.. Currently, it isn't. I am using the wired backhaul and the app is almost useless. Also, I should be able to tell the current state of each node from the app (red, violet, blue) but I can't.


Setup with the app is also a trial. Please improve the app. Spending 1-2 hours to set up a given node is WAY too long. 3 nodes=6 hours



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Re: Utility of Phone App

The app needs a lot of improvement:

- needs to load faster

- there are no data usage reports

- the setup through the app was a pain

- the parental controls need significant improvement. Blocking web sites manually is a things of the past.

- there is no usable connection strenght indicator inside the app

- VPN needs to be added as an option (OpenVPN...)

- Notifications should be offered for things like: data usage limit, trying to access blocked website, accessing a malicious site etc.

- the app should allow for OpenDNS setup...


It is a good product that can become great with a few simple additions.


Linksys - better move quick becasue Asus Lyra is on the horizon. 

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Re: Utility of Phone App

I would also like to see equal functionality in the web app as my phone is not the interface of choice for network config and would like to do setup and troubleshooting over from a browser. currently there is very limited functionality available when connecting to the node via a browser